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Programma Taglia Descrizione
Damselsoftware Screen Savers   Special screen savers
Swarmer Screen Saver 134 K Swarm95 č un screen saver per Windows 95 dove una vespa viene seguita dalle api. E' un algoritmo molto semplice, ma l'effetto č interessante.
The Ted Shred Screen Saver 2560 K Pronti per interattivitā estrema?. Caricate una copia del nuovo Ted Shred Screen Saver. Lo stesso screen saver che fu distribuito all E3 presso lo stand IBM.
Holodeck 3 screen saver 282 K Randomly displays animated LCARS/Okudagram (computer interface used on Star Trek: The Next Generation) on your screen. VB RunTime files required.
Hot Corners 33 K Allows you to activate or disable the screen saver by positioning the cursor in a user-defined corner of the screen.
Words of Wisdom 140 K Screen Saver that has over 800 really cool quotations. Great screensaver without graphics!
Primordial Life 104 K A 32-bit Alife screensaver. User definable limitations. Registration is free with e-mail.
Kaleidoscope 95 75 K This is a great Windows 95 screen saver with funky Kaleidoscope designs!
SS Extender 565 K This utility adds an icon to the system tray. With a single click of this icon you can disable/enable your screen saver. Right clicking brings up properties.
Movies Screen Saver 275 KB Allows you to play a list of .avi and .wav files as your screen saver. You can vary the playback speed and size as well as mute the audio and control the location of the movies. Also included is a control panel which allows you to launch the screen saver as a movie player.
Chicago Bulls Screen Saver 1600 KB A Screen Saver for all of the Chicago Bulls Fans out in cyberspace. The saver works best with a 256 color display and a sound card but thay are not required.
The X-Files Screen Saver 265 KB -
Gnatts Screen Saver 340 KB The Screen Saver sees a mob of very angry Gnatts chasing a poor Wasp around and around the screen. There is just one problem - the Gnatts cannot match the speed or reflexes that the Wasp has at his disposal and never seem to be able to catch him.
Venus 282 KB This demo is actually a Windows Screen saver featuring a 3D animated sculpture of the Venus de Milo. The animation sculpture rotates and bounces off the edge of your screen.
Shark95 1.4 MB Sample demo of the commercial package, Virtual Encounter, the first full 3D rendered multimedia animation player/screen saver with top of the line audio.
Screen Saver Starter 5 K Screen saver starter (SSS) allows you to instantly start your screen saver. This is very useful for leaving your desk unattended if you password protect your computer.
Media Utils 666 K MediaUtils includes the latest versions of Media Changer (V2.52) and Theme Changer (V1.01). Media Changer is a system sound, screen saver, and wallpaper changer. Theme Changer is a add-on for Microsoft Plus! that automatically changes themes.
Stephen King's Green Mile Screen Saver 400 K Neat screen saver based on Stephen King's latest work, The Green Mile. Have the Green Mile haunt your desktop forever!
Amazing JPEG Screen Saver 145 K Point the screen saver at any directory containing your images and it will have those images FLOAT across the screen
Gravity Screen Saver 22 K Another Windows 95 screen saver simulation of 1 to 30 point masses attracted by gravity.
Hot Spot 43 K Screen saver hot activation and deactivation corners for Windows 95. Requires VB40032.ZIP
Screenario 263 K Displays various useful and interesting information while your computer is idle. You can use predefined text topics or create your own topics in a few minutes (Over 1200 Murphy laws and Internet terminology included as two demo files).
ScrnSaveSwitch/Plus 60 K Let your screen saver run when and only when you want it to! A click to a small button on your desktop lets you enable, disable, start, or configure your screen saver.
Hot Corners 20 K Gives you "hot" screensaver enable and disable corners on your desktop.
Moroccan Screen Package 1990 K Colection of seven screen savers and eight wallpapers accompanied with a program that lets you try them all out, based on the beautiful scenary of Morocco.
ChromaZone Screen Saver 132 K ChromaZone is an excellent 32-BIT screen saver application. It has over 100 multi-million color, smoothly animated screen savers built in!
UFO Screen Saver 88 K They're out there...
Weird Wally Screen Saver 150 K A cartoon-based screen saver that lets you get in on the action.
Psychedelic Screen Saver Collection 489 K Whoa! Trippy, man!
Screen Saver Activate 24 K Places an icon on your desktop that allows you to activate your screensaver or change its options.
Cyber Space Screen Saver 41 K Rotating banner screen saver with clock on a background of your desktop scrambled in various ways.
Rotor Screen Saver 40 K Spirograph screen saver from the Paul McAvoy collection.
Swarm Screen Saver 25 K Swarm of bees screen saver from the Paul McAvoy collection.
Quix Screen Saver 24 K Dancing lines screen saver from the Paul McAvoy collection.
Gravity Screen Saver 44 K Solar system screen saver from the Paul McAvoy collection.


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