Index ATTUALITA' - Marzo 1997

1)What's exactly the Church of Rome's question or accuse against you?

The Vaticano's authorithy wrote some official document to you? The only documents were press releases which were on my site on Jan.13th 1995. Nothing special was at stake officially, though I know for sure now that my position towards immigrants and the Pasqua laws (with the book I have written on the topic) weighed heavily in the Vatican's decision

2)How much you feel "into" this Catholic Church and his Pope? You said thePope is a politician and he not accept dissent: do you confirm this opinion?

I feel in full communion with the Pope and thank him for allowing me to be in charge of Partenia. It's great. I do not know where you got your quotation from. I cannot own the words about "politician" qualifying the Pope. We met in Dec.'95 and the encounter was very friendly.

3)What's the "borderline" about your "obey vote" (voto di obbedienza)?

I am not a religious and therefore I have no vow of obedience. I belong to the episcopal body and I am in communion with my brethren. There is room in the Church for many opinions which do not pertain to dogmatic faith.

4)Married priests, womans-priests, stop to omosexual discrimination, controlled birth and other similar ethic problems: what's your opinion?

I would need to write a book on these subjects ! Can I make it short now by repeating that what is not defined by the Church is open to discussion. This is why we launched the E-Catechism.

5)Why you believe in Internet?

I only believe in God. And as I said already there is no centre of decision and this is new. I cannot quote here the many positive answers I get. You can see the figures published for the 1st year, on January 13th of this year. It is a great means for communicating.

6)After your E-catechism, it's possible the celebration of the Messa and Eucarestia on line or on your Partenia's site?

Jesus took real bread and wine, not virtual things. Beside that, at mass the priest gathers the community in the Name of Christ. This is why there is no mass possible on the net. There is no community in a physical sense.

7) How many people visit everyday the virtual Partenia? And what do you think about the future of your followers?

See figures on the site Jan.13th. I cannot call people who write to me or surf on the site "followers" ; there are people who look for an exchange of thoughts. I myself do not look for disciples.

8)You really consider you a "red bishop"?

Only cardinals wear red ! Can I quote Helder Camara :"when I help the poor, people say that I am a holy man. When I help the poor to take their lives in their hands and be responsible for themselves, I am called a red bishop". If you speak of me in that way, I am pleased to be called a red bishop.

9)What kind of Church you want? What kind of Pope? And which change you hope in the future of catholic world?

I am concerned with a Church who live with people, encourage Small Christian Communities : communities who are friendly, prayerful, deepen their faith and get involved with their brothers and sisters who live in the same world.

I wish a Pope for the world and not only for the Catholic Church ; a Pope who help the Church to "chose the poor" what some qualify "partiality for the poor".
For the future, changes will come from the grass root level and not those in charge. This fills me with hope. I have no worry. I hope you will find food for thought ; come back if necessary

Yours sincerely

Jacques Gaillot