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Programma Taglia Descrizione
Damselsoftware Screen Savers   Special screen savers
Words of Wisdom 140 K Screen Saver that has over 800 really cool quotations. Great screensaver without graphics!
Primordial Life 104 K A 32-bit Alife screensaver. User definable limitations. Registration is free with e-mail.
Chicago Bulls Screen Saver 1600 KB A Screen Saver for all of the Chicago Bulls Fans out in cyberspace. The saver works best with a 256 color display and a sound card but thay are not required.
Shark95 1.4 MB Sample demo of the commercial package, Virtual Encounter, the first full 3D rendered multimedia animation player/screen saver with top of the line audio.
Cyber Space Screen Saver 41 K Rotating banner screen saver with clock on a background of your desktop scrambled in various ways.
Leprechn   Un piccolo gnomo irlandese vi appare e vi saluta
Elves - Elfi   Animated elves and ornaments in a snowfall scene for Christmas.
Hearts 3D Cuori   Spinning 3D hearts for Valentine's Day or just for fun. Per il giorno di S.Valentino
Leprechaun   A magical screen saver for St. Patrick's Day. Per il giorno di S.Patrizio
Graveyard   Skeletons and zombies inhabit your screen.
(Shareware). Scheletri e Zombie
Turkeys - Tacchino   Just like it sounds. Turkeys strut around your screen.
Uncle Sam - Zio Sam   spend the 4th of July with Uncle Sam(s) walking around your screen.
Easter Bunny Coniglio Pasquale   - Bunnies hop around the screen and multiply right before your eyes.
GULF 104 Rocks   A promotional screen saver for a Tallahassee, Florida radio station.
I quattro cavalieri dell'apocalisse    
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